About Titoma

We are an international electronic product design team dedicated to providing custom End-to-End Design & Manufacturing services

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Products Shipped


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Our Expertise


  • Embedded STM32
  • WiFi
  • IoT
  • Industrial electronic equipment

with an emphasis on component selection for low-cost, high-reliability solutions

Our Design Philosophy

Titoma stands for Time-to-Market. From our founding in 2001, we have stood out from the competition through delivering reliable products to our customers on time.

As we grew our qualified team, we came to understand that our expertise in embedded electronics and components selection can help our customers drastically reduce costs and production failure rate. 

Therefore, we reshaped our philosophy around Design for Manufacturability. This relies on a wealth of experience working with Chinese components and manufacturers to ensure your products are scalable at low cost with consistent quality.

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Keeping your IP Secure

We understand that customers who entrust their products to us for manufacturing in China want to keep their IP secure. 

Our clients fully own the IP of our designs. Titoma’s in-house design process and prototyping is made in Taiwan and not permitted offsite.

The last step is we carefully allocate the manufacturing to multiple trusted partners so only our clients retain the full blueprint.

Electronics Outsourcing at a Glance

6 Vectors  of Business Efficiency T1 ODM (Pegatron) T1 EMS (Foxconn) Smaller TW ODM
Cost + + + + + + +
Dependability + + + + + +
Quality + + + + ?
Innovation + +
Speed – – – –
Flexibility – – – – – + +
Pros Experienced and dependable

Low development costs for complex electronics

Great engineering team

Can make basically any electronic product you’re envisioning

More attention and flexibility paid to the clients

Cost and NRE can be negotiable

Cons Could make the same products for your competitors

Smaller volume customers are placed on low priority

Focused primarily on large ($50m+/year) customers

No customizability after the pilot round

Challenging to find the right size factory

Communication challenges

Limited engineering capability

At Titoma, we understand the tradeoffs involved in working with any outsource partner. That’s why we try to specialize our design and manufacturing services towards meeting a particular set of customer needs.

If you are:

*An established B2B company who wishes to design and manufacture an electronic product

*Projecting manufacturing order quantities in excess of $150,000 USD, but not large enough to gain priority in top tier ODM providers

*Looking for an experienced partner in Asia as the integration and communication bridge in outsourcing to the best-fit factory

Then Titoma can certainly be of value to your business. See below for contact details.

If you’re an established B2B company needing a reliable custom device,
on time and on target, we can certainly help you. Let's talk!