LoRa is the new BLE, roll-out starting this week

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LoRa is the new BLE, roll-out starting this week

IoT needs a dedicated network, I strongly feel LoRa will be it:

  • 1/100 the power consumption of BLE, i.e. lasting up to 10 years
  • Range: 2 km urban to 15 km rural
  • Bi-directional data traffic
  • Low cost nodes
  • Serious Telco support announced, especially in Europe

More details in this article by Chris Downey

And it’s starting to happen this week:

Wienke Giezeman wrote:

I am really happy to announce The Things Network is going to launch Friday August 21st in Amsterdam:


We managed to crowdsource an entire LoraWAN internet of things data network in Amsterdam in 6 weeks. And the world is next.

More information can be found on our website:

On behalf of The Things Network community I invite you to come to the opening at Rockstart in Amsterdam this Friday at 13:00.

The entire story can be found here:

Feel free to tweet, post, shout, forward this announcement!

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