What’s It Like to Work with an Original Design Manufacturer?

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What’s It Like to Work with an Original Design Manufacturer?

20 January, 2021

ODM design is simple, remember that ODMs work with already existing product designs, for which you’re only allowed to make small modifications.


You can see an ODM design as the process of linking a certain product to the image of a company.


How tactfully a company enacts its ODM design, can affect everything from how well the product sells to whether or not the customers can distinguish the company’s product from the product of their competitors. 


Now that the importance is made clear, it is time to embark on a thorough explanation of what makes an ODM design effective or ineffective.



Most, if not all ODM manufacturers, will offer logo additions for the product. 


ODM Design Logo


Their websites are made to be effective to use, which means that you don’t need to have a background in graphic design. 


Questions will be related to the position of the logo on the product, the dimensions, the color, and the print type, whether it is an engraving or more along the lines of part of the color. 


If you have ever ordered a costume made t-shirt, the whole interaction should feel somewhat similar, just on a more professional level. 


Normally, if you have a PDF or computer copy of the logo you can upload it to the website with ease.


ODM Design – Colors 


There will be multiple colors for any plastic or fabric related to the product. 


Metals can be altered normally according to the plating. 


However, there are often limits to these colors, unless after conversing with the company you can have a niche color made specifically for your metals. 


ODM Design – Materials 


ODM Design different colors and materials


As you would choose an ODM that has made products in the product category you are doing business in, they’ll give you the option to play around with certain materials for the final finish and look of your product. 


However don’t expect hundreds of options as the point of ODM is to buy something that’s kind of already made, and if you wanted your design to be especially specific, you might have chosen OEM instead of ODM.


ODM Design – Components 


These could be from the product to the packaging, elements such as buttons and zippers for apparel, or sensors for electronics.


The ODM company will give you some options to choose from depending on what you’re making, it will be quite straight forward. 


It is important to be aware that all these options for alterations to the product depend heavily on the manufacturer and what the manufacturer already has or is willing to include unless you have tools and molds you’re willing to contribute. 


Some ODM manufacturers will pay for additional components they don’t have, others might make you pay for it. 


It all depends on your ODM manufacturer and the agreement you have made. 


One thing that is also important to remember is that the design you create is what makes the product fit your company brand.


So spending the time to not only make it uniquely yours but also alluring to buy through its aesthetic appeal is important so that marketing has an easier time selling it.


ODM Learning Hub


Here’s a final thought for succeeding with an ODM product.


If you have a well-known brand, sometimes the brand itself is what sells it. 


For example, if you take plain white underwear and a brand such as Calvin Klein adds its logo, the selling of the product is all the easier.


So spending the time and money making your brand well known is also important. 

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