How much radiation is emitted from your smartphone?

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People spend an average of 5-6 hours on their phones each day, with generation Y or Z (or whatever letter we are up to now), spending the most.


As a parent this is obviously a cause for concern, particularly for health reasons.


This infographic illustrates just how much radiation is emitted from each model of smartphone.


The parameter used to measure phone radiation is the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) and represents the quantity of electromagnetic energy absorbed by the body.



top 10 lowest radiation levels



The EU has set radiation standards for cell phones at 2 watts per kg, measured over the 10 grams of tissue that is absorbing the most signal.


SAR values are calculated at the ear (speaking on the phone) and at the body (kept in your pocket). This chart uses calculations at the ear.


I have a friend who is allergic to radiation and had to quit her job, leave Amsterdam, and is now living somewhere in the woods.


What phone do you use? Are you concerned about the radiation it gives off?


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Radiation emitted by popular smartphones