The latest piece of technology that could change IoT forever

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Meet the latest piece of technology that could change IoT forever: Wiliot’s recently-unveiled Pixel2 Bluetooth tag.


The postage-stamp-sized 3-core ARM processor doesn’t need a battery, and features multiple sensors for movement, fill levels, temperature, humidity, and tamper detection.


The tag powers itself by harvesting energy from radio waves, and integrates with a no-code automation platform to collect data. 


Wiliot plans to license the Pixel2 to smart tag manufacturers for free, charging only for cloud connectivity and edge processing. 


the latest piece of technology that could change IoT forever

Free licensing should lead to low unit cost – they previously mentioned between 10 and 50 cents for a stamp. Version 3 should be single digit pennies.


Low cost & no power would mean all sorts of everyday items can now be connected, even ingestible ones.


It’s wonderful technology, I just hope their business model will work.


It reminds me a bit of the rule-the-world plans of Electric Imp at the time. The company was sold last year to Twilio.


SIGFOX’s connect the world network recently went into receivership. It turned out to be expensive to build and run worldwide antenna infrastructure now that nbiot connections have become so cheap.


Wiliot’s Bluetooth range is of course a lot less than that of Sigfox. If they plan to make their money on edge computing & data subscriptions they will need to finance an awful lot of hardware.


So what do you think, will this be the game changer to finally bring the IoT ubiquity we’ve been hearing about for years?


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