Which programming languages are most in demand?

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A review by Coding Dojo has revealed the most sought after programming language skills by employers in the US.


The study scoured job posts to determine which coding skills were most needed, and compared them to previous years.


Python retained its lead in 2021 as the language which appeared most, with around 70.5k postings.


SQL, Java, R, and Visual Basic completed the top 5 for that year.


Which programming languages are most in demand 2021 2022


Generally, the need for all languages dropped last year from 2020, with only Visual Basic and R growing in demand, which resulted in shunting JavaScript into the bottom 5.


This could also be due to the rise in TypeScript though.


However, 2022 is looking to be the best year yet with many software skills requirements already surpassing 2021 numbers so far.


This years top 10 coding language demands (until March) are:


1. Java: 89,365 jobs (no. 3 in 2021)
2. Python: 76,634 (no. 1)
3. SQL: 66,981 (no. 2)
4. Javascript: 58,947 (no. 6)
5. C++: 46,143 (no. 7)
6. C#: 43,546 (no. 8)
7. C: 40,212 (previously unranked)
8. Go: 39,048 (previously unranked)
9. Ruby: 14,653 (no. 10)
10. Assembly: 11,239 (previously unranked)


Interestingly, Java has overtaken python, and R and Visual Basic have been kicked out of the top 10.


Do you think it will remain like this for the rest of the year?


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Which programming languages are most in demand 2021 2022