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Totoma HWW Pilot Run

We test both the prototype and the assembly line in a pilot run

While earlier prototypes have been carefully assembled by our engineers, the test is now if we can replicate the same quality in mass production. For a pilot run to be valid it needs to be done on the same assembly line by the same workers who will do the mass manufacturing.


We do tiny test runs until we get it right

Reliability and risk mitigation are of key importance, and so we like to ramp up production in small steps. This allows our clients to use those early units for extensive field testing before releasing larger batches. Many factories dislike doing these tiny runs and would rather push out the large order, but we stick with them until we get everything right.


We make every effort to increase speed and yield

Titoma designs the complete assembly procedure, and we design, build and code a number of testing jigs. We smooth out any issues in the supply chain, makinge sure that the product is free of quality issues. In the end this effort during the pilot run optimizes the production processes to increase speed and yield.


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