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Top Electrical Engineering Companies: We Reveal Keys to Success

Case Engelen, CEO of Titoma Design Drives Innovation & Supports Future Growth of the Company: GoodFirms


Titoma Design holds a stable client base, says Case Engelen to the GoodFirms interviewer from the company’s headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. 


The CEO is quick to redirect much of the credit for this achievement to his expert team, who is always ready to upgrade themselves to deliver the best possible solutions to the clients. 


Titoma means ‘Time to Market‘ Incepted in 1999, the company manufactures & delivers electronic products in Taiwan and China, dodging unnecessary monotonies by designing next to the companies and blocking problems using their best expertise to solve them on the spot. 


Moreover, the professional group takes responsibility for the complete project from industrial design and firmware to mass production and logistics. 


Case Engelen proudly mentions that “Companies rely on us to avoid the situation of being stuck in the middle amongst the number of suppliers, all blaming one another for something wrong,” and the GoodFirms team holds a track record of it.


Initially, professionals collaborated with local manufacturers to do the majority of the electronic designs. 


But even with management tight on the ground, that approach had many problems, so the group now does all in-house electronic hardware design and firmware development. 


To create a successful electronic device, a lot of different companies and experts need skills. 


Having its head office in the middle of Asia’s Silicon Valley where tools such as Pebble and Nest are produced and redesigned, the team at Titoma holds full amplitude of skills and knowledge to manufacture different products as per clients’ requirements. 


To satisfy clients, the team works closely with several vendors, and at the same time, they also act as the IP Custodian for the clients and share the info with suppliers only on a need to know basis. 


They’ve developed 50 high-tech safety systems for airports to 50,000 dive planners with a price of $100k per order.


“We make sure that any problem is resolved quickly in the best possible way,” explains Case Engelen. 


That is how one can gain and maintain the confidence and trust of the clients. 


Talking about the services rendered to the clients, Case Engelen mentions that the team follows every step of delivering the products and services. 


Titoma is a thoughtful leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) interoperability with a deep-domain understanding of embedded and resource-constrained tools. 


Titoma’s team of experts delivers advanced solutions and helps clients bring high quality and innovative products to the market. 


Since its inception, the team has deployed software on millions of pertinent devices. Further, the team holds extensive experience in connecting devices, aloft various protocols to the cloud and proximal networks. 


Thus, providing full-suite services and software elements gives new revenue streams. Working models for the clients at affordable costs endows Titoma Design to earn the position as the leading IoT company in Taiwan at GoodFirms.


The review displayed below confirms the quality of products manufactured at Titoma Design.


TITOMA customer review

At Titoma, each embedded electronic is designed by experts following every specification in the requirements traceability matrix


They claim RTM is a critical component of their processes and a sure way to build successful electronics.


DFM is equally at the core of their processes. 


A sure way to make sure an electronic device is easy to manufacture is to include manufacturing partners as early as possible in the product development process.


With this collaborative process, Titoma ensures they get the manufacturing partner’s insights at every stage of the product development process, guaranteeing exceptional end-results.    


This sets Titoma Design amongst the top Electrical Engineering Companies listed at GoodFirms.


Going through the above-mentioned comprehensive summary from the detailed interview of Case Engelen to GoodFirms, one can get an idea of Titoma’s services and working ethics and can think about choosing the company as a business partner.


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