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Tony who?…


He might not be the household name that Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, or James Dyson is, but Tony Fadell is considered as one of the most successful and influential product developers of our time.


As the engineer behind the iPod and iPhone he worked closely with Steve Jobs (although Jobs needed some persuading to produce a phone), before transitioning to startups and now leads a VC firm that has backed over 200 tech companies.


‘The father of the iPod’, as he is also known, is constantly asked for advice.


Tony Fadell An influential product developer B


This led to Fadell writing a book; “Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making”, which is due for release on May 3rd.


It offers startup advice as well as life coaching tips on: product-market fit, raising capital and building a business, startup growth breakpoints, knowing when to quit, and dealing with a**holes.


His vision mirrored that of Jobs’, with his ‘learn by doing, through experience and by being there, rather than from a book’ philosophy.


Fadell went on to co-found Nest in 2010 which was acquired by Google in 2014 for US$3.2 billion. His current personal net worth is estimated to be around US$900 million.


Despite the hefty price tag that Google paid for it, the flagship Nest device had to be completely redesigned by an ODM in Taiwan to make it suitable for mass manufacturing.


Nowadays, as a cleantech investor with VC firm Future Shape LLC, he says the best place to be is in Europe and the UK.


This is due to the more progressive environmental regulation, more progressive companies, and more progressive societies than most other parts of the world.


Fadell voices concerns that investments in the metaverse could suck energy out of climate tech funding, which, he says, “is a false choice and diversion of resources.”


“Investing in it makes you part of the problem”, which is, that the climate crisis will only be solved by moving physical atoms, and not digital bits.


I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of the book. If you’d also like to read it I’ll be doing a post about it next month with a competition to win some copies.


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Tony Fadell an incredible product developerTony Fadell an incredible product developer