Electronic Product Design & Manufacturing in Asia.

electronic product design
electronic product design
electronic product design
electronic product design
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electronic product design

Electronic Product Design
for China Manufacturing

Custom Electronic Devices, Fully Engineered and
Manufactured in China – on Target and on Time.

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45 Engineers Design and Prototype your electronic products in Taiwan.

We optimize for manufacturing in Taiwan or China from the get-go.

Result? Faster Time To Market .. hence Ti-To-Ma!

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Rock-Solid Custom Electronics


Design for Reliability

We know B2B electronics. We don’t just design: we manufacture & warrant, so we’re on the hook.

Our industrial-strength engineering & testing make sure your electronics always work flawlessly.


Time To Market

We know a month delay means a month of margin lost.

Constant real-time communication with factories in Asia means no surprises, no need to do things twice. 


Design for Manufacturing

Reliable mass manufacturing is on our mind right from the start of the electronic product design.

Our trusted factories in Asia help optimize the Electronic BOM for Quality, Cost & Lead-time.


ODM Manufacturing

We’re like an ODM Factory offering fully integrated Electronic Product Design & Manufacturing in Taiwan.

Western Managed, we are your Access to the China Supply Chain without the risk. 

electronic product design

Own & Protect IP

We design and prototype your product completely In-House in Taiwan.

As your IP Custodian we work closely with our Asian manufacturing partners, but strictly on a need-to-know basis.


Embedded STM32

We build most of our embedded systems around the STM32 microprocessor.

This sharp focus means we have a very deep experience, enabling rapid development.

Titoma - Design For Asian Manufacturing

Electronic Product Design:

What Makes Us Different?

We design & manufacture Embedded electronics around STM32, on Time and on Budget.

Your IP is safe with us, as we prototype in-house.

Early involvement of Asian manufacturers means Industrial Quality at much better cost, and no delays or surprises.

Own & Protect  Your IP

The full manufacturing files will be yours.


We do the full electronic product design and prototyping In-House in Taiwan. As your IP Custodian we work closely with our Asian manufacturing partners, but strictly on a need-to-know basis.

We give you Full Ownership of the Manufacturing Files. This way you are always in control, something you seldom get when designing with a standard ODM Manufacturer.



10-step Design to Manufacturing Process

Our international team of engineers does the complete electronic product design and prototyping in-house, always in close communication with the factories and yourself.


Words from our Clients

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Electronic Product Design: 4 essential steps

1 Electronic architecture

First, you need to define exactly what the electronic product will do, and how it will be different from the coemption. Best is to keep the first generation as simple as possible (MVP Blank). Then source the electronic components which can make this happen at the best value for money. This results in a High-Level Block Diagram (HLBD) and at this point, you can get quotes, the NRE, and Unit cost to evaluate your business case.

2 Design & build the first working prototype

Design the PCB, code the embedded firmware, design the outside look of the device and then engineer the details on the inside of the housing, and prototype with a 3D printer.

3 Test your electronic device

It is really essential to do lots of testing. First in-house but as soon as you have something which more or less works you need to let real target customers use it.  Ensure your product is easy to use, meets customer expectations and is reliable. If not go back to step 2, or even step 1.


4 New Product Introduction (NPI)

This is making the injection molds for the plastic housing, designing electronic test jigs and develop test software, setting up the production line and training the workers, and doing pilot manufacturing runs.