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Our name stands for Time To Market

We provide electronic design for China manufacturing and deliver reliable products resulting from a proven 10 stage process.

Titoma helps Western companies with the complete design and manufacturing of custom electronic products. We focus on connected embedded electronics for B2B firms.

Case Engelen, Titoma CEO

How Titoma Started

Founded by Case Engelen in 2001, after he had set-up and managed the Taiwan Branch of Well Design, a Dutch industrial design and mechanical engineering firm.

In the early years, Titoma worked with Taiwanese and Chinese ODM factories to do the majority of the product development, but as hard as we worked on keeping communication smooth, that approach had a lot of problems, the first being that, more often than not, it would take ages.


How new product development shaped our path

When we finally realized that new product development will never be a priority for a factory, we started designing all mechanical parts, electronic hardware, and firmware in-house. We practice a particular flavor of DFM which is DFCM (design for China manufacturing).
Here you can read more about my China manufacturing lessons

What we discovered is that to get to market FAST, you need to prevent unnecessary iterations. Our ``Magic Sauce`` is to avoid delays by involving key Chinese (component) suppliers in the design stage very early on.

We engineer and manufacture embedded electronic products, often around STM32, Bluetooth from Nordic and WiFi from ESP. Many are wirelessly connected, Internet Of Things (IoT) and we also make industrial equipment.


Why clients come to us for electronic design for China manufacturing

Most of our clients know they need to manufacture in China, because of its still unsurpassed supplier ecosystem and cost. They have tried dealing with the manufacturers in China themselves, but eventually got tired of the persistent disconnect between their design team in the US and the factory in China.

We do our design in our Taiwan and Colombia offices, most manufacturing in China, and some high value & complex production in Taiwan.

With us doing both Design AND Manufacturing…

We save you time, aggravation and a quite a bit of money.

If you’re an established B2B company needing a reliable custom device,
on time and on target, we can certainly help you. Let's talk!