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This is your home to learn Design for Manufacturing -the secret between going from one electronic device that works to thousands of it. The earlier you implement DFM in your development process, the higher the chances of success.

DFM Guidelines (2)

Looking for full DFM Guidelines to manufacture electronics? We have a complete list for Plastic Injected Parts, Wall Thickness, Metal, Hole Drilling, and more.

What is DFM?


Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is the process of designing a product taking into account, from the very beginning, the manufacturing plant’s capabilities and availability of components and parts.

DFM aims to minimize the risk of errors and delays when a product is transitioning from prototyping to mass manufacturing.

DFM also aims at optimizing design and cost and is vital to meet time to market.

Learn DFM with Blogposts by Industry Experts

Design for manufacturing china

The 9 laws for Design for Manufacturing written by our CEO – Case Engelen. These are 9 principles that will guarantee you a product that will be easy to manufacture.

Design for manufacturing , electronics, the complete guide

In this blogpost, our electronics, hardware, and mechanical engineers joined forces to put together a list of the most complete set of Design for Manufacturing Guidelines.

BOM - how to reduce, Long lead time electronic components

Components’ lead time and DFM, how do they relate? Well, if you choose components that are hard to get, then the product becomes hard to manufacture; choose wisely.

DFM Importance

The quick answer is: Because it makes the transition from prototyping to mass manufacturing super easy.

Difference DFM DFA DFMA

The difference is in their focus, DFM aims at reducing costs and DFA at reducing the number of parts.

DFX Design for excellence Guidelines

DFX is a methodology that encompasses DFM and DFA. Learn all about it here, including 10 DFX Guidelines for optimal design.



Good management Titoma

Do you already have an electronic prototype and you want to make sure is optimized for DFM?

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