Product Development Process


Product Architecture

More than half of electronics unit costs are determined in the product architecture stage. From first step idea generation to early stage product development, we can drive competitive BOM costs while also reducing order lead times by up to 8 weeks, helping you achieve faster time-to-market. 

New Product Development process (NPD) starts with Design for Manufacturing principles. Our early stage component selection ensures reliable, cost effective solutions.

We will work closely alongside your team to connect the functional requirements of your product with the best price-performance components available.

Electronics Design

  • Embedded Solutions on STMicroelectronics STM32 and Microchip PIC32.
  • Wirelessly Connected IoT devices: RFID, Bluetooth (BT/BLE), WiFi, LoRa etc.
  • High Reliability (<0.3% fail rate) Industrial Electronics: UV Curing, RFID access control, Point-of-Sale systems

Titoma’s engineers have been designing and manufacturing electronic products in Asia since 2003. Our engineers work in real-time, cross-functional collaboration with Taiwan’s robust electronics product development ecosystem.

Having all possible vendors within an hour drive of our office ensures a quick concept development phase and any troubleshooting support the new product may need.

Hardware Engineering

The engineers at Titoma have decades of experience with manufacturing electro-mechanical systems in Asia. Our international employees can speak fluent Mandarin, English, and Spanish. Clear communication ensures no details are lost from concept testing to product launch and true to customer needs.

The role of engineering is to take a product idea from concept phase, through rigorous development, to having robust functionality for the target market.

We find the product development process best practices come with careful market research, well-defined marketing strategy, and iterative product concept test.


Minimum Viable Product

From an initial SWOT analysis, we can test the proof of concept, then development the Minimum Viable Product. Our product management team utilizes knowledge of the component ecosystem to help you keep development costs low and your product able to win market share.

Our prototyping and product development process are kept entirely in-house for a rapid development cycle and to prevent IP leakage. Your product ideas and designs are completely owned by you and kept safe within our Taipei headquarters.

Golden Sample

Getting it right will be what ensures the highest quality and reliability of the final product. To faithfully create the golden sample requires a rigorous battery of tests to be conducted from both the engineering and user side.

We know what it takes to create a perfect golden sample. This pre-production prototype sets the standard to which all mass-produced units will be benchmarked through the product life cycle.

Testing and Certification

We work with our customers to conduct solid field testing, by real users, with the target audience. We help obtain all the necessary certifications. Preventing administrative hiccups along the way is what will help our clients achieve the fastest product to market.

Our testing protocols are run through the Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM). Rigorous testing of a viable product sample in real world applications is necessary for high reliability products. 

The goal is to go from 1 successful product that works to 50,000 units that don’t fail.


Manufacturing Management

Since we specialize in small to mid-sized production quantities, our team will retrain the assembly workers with every run to ensure continuous high reliability. We pride ourselves in being able to increase manufacturing quality rather than allowing it to degrade over time.

Titoma provides outstanding manufacturing service for any organization. From the first stage assembly to development product shipment, we will handle all of the training, quality control, and testing from our vendors.

As our customers vary in order frequency and batch size, we ensure high reliability through continuous manufacturing management.

IP Protection

We implement “fail-safes” into our development process, making it extremely difficult to replicate a working model without our consent. Titoma customers can rest assured that we will keep their IP secure when manufacturing in Asia.

We act as IP custodians on behalf of our clients; a role which we take very seriously. We work with trusted manufacturers and always pay a reasonable upfront fee for tooling, so their revenue isn’t dependent on sales margins alone.

We allocate parts of the manufacturing amongst several key suppliers, keeping the full blueprint only in Taiwan.

Mass Production Optimization

Our engineers continuously generate new product ideas, look for better performance components, and update better systems to process the product.

The reason why our long-term clients do not shop around for lower-cost product management solutions is because we do all of the cost optimization for them.

We make sure our customers are well informed of our optimization efforts and are happy to pass on the cost savings so that their products stay best-in-market.

Why our Process Works

We are selective about the business case we take on because we care deeply about customer success. All development projects begin with a thorough business analysis. If your new product idea would meet unforeseen challenges in the target market, we will help you refine your product concept. If your product development needs are out of the scope of our capabilities, we are more than happy to refer you to our network. Above all else, Titoma builds new product development processes that works for our customers.

We enable this through our relentless focus on our 3 key pillars:


We want our new products to be highly market-competitive with existing products, not just look nice on the shelves.

Thus, we will give realistic feedback on manufacturability, unit costs, and market strategy.

The results are designing best-in-market products with our clients.


Time to Market

Many excellent products die in the pipeline due to project management delays.

Not because of poor product concepts, but because the components did not meet manufacturing capability.

Our process ensures we meet delivery dates by involving the makers early.

electronic product design

Peace of Mind

We ultimately build our business model upon enabling customer success.

This philosophy is reliant on proactively engaging in all problems to arise from product design to end-of-life.

The bottom line is that our customers trust our expertise to develop new products.

If you are:

*An established B2B company looking for new product development of an electronic device.

*Projecting manufacturing order quantities in excess of $150,000 USD, but not large enough to gain priority in top tier ODM providers

*Looking for an experienced partner in Asia as the integration and communication bridge in outsourcing to the best-fit factory


Then Titoma can certainly be of value to your business! See below for contact details.