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Product Development Process for

Time to Market

Our 10-step process is optimized to get your product on the market as FAST as possible.

We do it in Asia, for Asia.

We select & validate the best value-for-money electronic components from China & Taiwan.

We involve the factories right from the start, so we avoid delays.

Below a quick overview of our FAST product development process


Titoma HWW Architecture

We work closely with your team to define the user and functional requirements, and based on the particular key technological challenges we tune our product development process. Next, our China sourcing team evaluates the full spectrum of costs effective components available, in China and elsewhere, so we can deliver the best possible performance within your target cost.

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Titoma HWW Industrial Design


Industrial design, the look and feel, is a key factor in the commercial success of your product and every design starts with end-user research; who are your users, how will they use your product, what are the key benefits they are looking for, and what kind of styling will seduce them?

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Titoma HWW Electronic Design


Titoma’s electronic engineers have been designing and manufacturing electronic products in Asia since 2003. We have the in-house skills and experience to develop embedded solutions, IoT Devices and Industrial Equipment and we are a Preferred Microchip Design Partner:…

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Mechanical Design For China Manufacturing


The job of our mechanical engineers is to realize the original ID design intent as faithfully as possible, while meeting a host of other requirements as well. Our mechanical engineering team not only optimizes the design of every plastic and metal part for robustness and aesthetics, yet also minimizes the cost of the injection molds and the parts themselves…

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Titoma HWW Firmware Design


Unlike with a PC or Android device, the programming language for every microcontroller is different. At Titoma we design firmware mostly for embedded processors from STM32 and PIC32, and we take care to properly structure and annotate our code so that it can be easily updated or reused for the next generation of the device,…

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Titoma HWW Prototyping


During the development, we produce several prototypes, often first a partial electronic prototype to compare key components. Then a few iterations of complete working prototypes. For reasons of IP protection and speed we do our prototyping in-house, the housings 3D printed and the electronic circuits often hand-soldered. After our engineers have tested the prototypes they are sent to our clients to be tested in real life.

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Titoma HWW Molds


Once the shape and inside features of the housing are frozen we make the steel molds used to mass-produce the plastic injected parts. Our Taiwanese mechanical engineers discuss the mold drawings with the Chinese mold makers to assure both the robustness and the aesthetic quality of the parts. Mold making in China tends to be half the cost and twice as fast, with first shots often ready in 5 weeks.

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Totoma HWW Pilot Run

A pilot run is a crucial step in the product development process. While earlier prototypes have been carefully assembled by our engineers, the test is now if we can replicate the same quality in mass production, and so for a pilot to be valid it needs to be done on the same assembly line by the same workers who will do the mass manufacturing.
Reliability and risk mitigation are of key importance to all our clients, especially in B2B, and so we like to ramp up production in small steps…

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Titoma HWW

The pilot run product are subjected to a battery of test, such as accelerated aging, temperature shocks in our heat chamber, drop tests with and without packaging, water & dust ingression tests to meet for example the IP67 standard. But with all the testing we do in our labs, nothing can replace solid field testing, which is where Murphy’s Law comes into play…

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Titoma HWW Mass Manufacturing

Design For Manufacturing (DFM) it is not something that can be done as an afterthought, when a design is 95% ready. Based on our 9 Design For Manufacturing Rules we optimize for low cost right from the start, beginning with the electronic product architecture.

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Why Work With Us?


Design for Reliability

We don’t just design, we manufacture and warrant our electronics, so our industrial-strength design process makes double sure that they work flawlessly.


Time to Market

Very early involvement of the Taiwan & China manufacturers means we don’t have to do things twice. Being on the ground, next to the factories makes communication easy & fast. Hence our name Titoma!


Design for Manufacturing

We involve our tried & trusted factories in Asia right from the start of the design. Together we optimize the BOM for quality, cost and lead-time, and the design of the mechanical parts for manufacturability and ease of assembly.



We’re like an ODM Factory offering tightly integrated Design & Manufacturing in Asia, with the key difference that we work for just one client per product category, so there will be absolutely no IP leakage to competitors.

electronic product design

Peace of Mind

We enable your business. Leave the hardware to us, and regain the focus to grow your top and bottom line.


Embedded STM32

We build most of our embedded systems around the STM32 microprocessor. This sharp focus means we have a very deep experience, enabling rapid development.