Box Build Assembly in Asia – It’s Affordable and Reliable

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Box Build Assembly Cost in Asia

Box Build Assembly in Asia – It’s Affordable and Reliable

What is Box Build Assembly?

Box build assembly refers to the process of designing and manufacturing a small enclosure for a PCBA or a big housing for an electrochemical system.


Box build assembly is also referred to as systems integration.


An electronic manufacturing services company (ems provider) will offer a box build assembly process; this will include


  • Design of the Box Build
  • Point to point wiring
  • Finished Product
  • Enclosure Fabrication


box build assemblies


The box build assembly process is not merely putting a PCBA within a box, it includes enclosure fabrication plus cables installation, adding components as wire harnesses and other electrical systems.


How Does Plastic Injection Work?


As in any part of an electromechanical assembly, the box builds will undergo testing.



ems provider assemblies



  • Basic electrical safety testing
  • Factory acceptance testing
  • Flash tests
  • Earth bond testing
  • Labeling testing software loading


The box build assembly process will have a final test before it can move onto production to become part of the final product.


electromechanical assembly process



  • Design and engineering of mechanical parts and components
  • Enclosure fabrication
  • Installation of key components and sub assemblies
  • Cable routing
  • System level assembly
  • Software loading configuration
  • Functional testing
  • Visual inspection
  • Final box build test
  • Packaging and labeling


To make the box build process as smooth as possible, your contract manufacturing services partner will need to know exactly what key components ( tie wraps, heat shrink, adhesives, etc…) and other components your box build assembly needs.


You need to put together a Bill of Materials that your contract manufacturer will have no problems reading; a 3D CAD box build drawing; they should have some sort of free drawing viewers. You should also add build instructions and a sample unit.


The point of sending all of this is for the company that is offering the box build assembly services to you to avoid production delays and meet order fulfillment.



Calculator for NRE costs


Box Build Assembly Process and PCBA


Printed circuit board assembly or simply PCB assembly, is the procedure of mounting components onto a PCB using SMT or THT; it’s totally related to box build as this is its enclosure.


It’s ideal to find an ems provider or contract manufacturer that offers both services as in this way you can make them accountable for any issue that arises with the PCBA or box build.


In reality, you want an ems provider that will take care of everything from design to manufacturing.


Imagine dividing the manufacturing of your electronic device, design, electro mechanical development, printed circuit boards design, cables, and materials sourcing, box build, and everything else among different ems providers with different sub level product assembly and other sub assemblies ; then you surprisingly put it all together.


What happens if the end customer receives defective unit/units; who will be responsible to find the mistake and fix it?


All the companies involve will be pointing at each other; that’s for sure.



box build assemblies



This is why, having a design and manufacturing partner that does full turnkey manufacturing is key for success, leave all the work to them, including PCBA and box build and you worry about marketing and sales.


If there’s something wrong with your electronic device, then you only have to deal with one company to sort things out.


How Much Does It Cost?


We can tell you, but we need to have some information.


The box build process is very specific to your kind of project and the level of difficulty will vary at every stage.


It could be as simple as putting a PCB in a plastic enclosure or a more complicated task such as connecting it all to a user interface screen.


You can use our NRE calculator to verify how complex is your device and how much money do you need for NRE costs and take the complete product to mass manufacturing.



Calculator for NRE costs



If you’re interested only in the cost of a box build, we’ll need you to share some details of what you need.


  • You can use the form below or send us an email at [email protected]
  • Please include details such as
  • Product dimensions
  • Bill of Materials
  • 3D Cad Model
  • Quantities needed
  • Packaging required
  • Shipping Address


If you need a Non Disclosure Agreement from our part, here’s a link to our NDA. Let’s get to work on your Box Build or Full Device Manufacturing.

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