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CASE STUDY: How an Electronics Design Team can help companies

focus on their Core Competency

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with Kiran Karanki, CEO of SEMNOX

The Client Company Background

SEMNOX builds holistic IT solutions for the entertainment and leisure industry.

The company was formed in 2008 in Mangalore, India and by 2013, had generated sales of $1.5m USD.

SEMNOX was looking for manufacturing solutions to quickly scale up their production and achieve faster time to market.

SEMNOX already had best in class products in the pipeline, but needed to find reliable manufacturers to bring their product to market.

SEMNOX 2018 dubai booth

The Problem

“We wanted to be able to scale the production and we believed that for the size of our company, we would not get the right manufacturing partners or mold makers in India.”

Kiran Karanki, CEO of SEMNOX

Portrait photo of CEO of SEMNOX Kiran Karanki

They understood that outsourced manufacturing in Asia could lead to lower costs with higher quality.

However, getting it right requires engaging with a reliable partner that has experience navigating the intricacies of Asian manufacturing.

Partnership Timeline

Edge RFID Reader

SEMNOX Edge Reader in action

2013: Project 1 Launch

– Best in Market

– 70,000 units sold

– <0.5% repair rate

2015: Product 2 & 3 in MP

– Continuous design and manufacturing optimization

– Lowered RMA rate to <0.3%

Parafait Lumin

SEMNOX Lumin product catalog

Cost Down

Titoma product manufacturing stack of red circuit boards

2016: Manufacturing Service Optimization

– Improved component selection for 16% unit cost reduction

– Negotiated lower manufacturing cost with no decline in quality

2018-:Continued Partnership Success

– 5 products in manufacturing

– 3 designs in pipeline

– Expansion into multiple product categories including POS systems

Wearable and POS

SEMNOX watch design rendering


Today, SEMNOX is a $15m USD company.

They have 120 employees in over 5 global offices. Their products are distributed to 2000+ locations across 50+ countries.

Their overwhelming success is, in no doubt, due to their extremely talented software team in creating innovative IT solutions.

They needed to focus on their core competency while working with an ODM partner who can reliably scale up their production. Titoma was the right partner for them and, together, were able to bring their best-in-class product to market.

SEMNOX Facebook logo

Visit the SEMNOX webpage and check out their latest IT Solutions here

How partnering with Titoma can benefit you

The Product Development Process

Design: Our design starts with reliability and manufacturability. We work with our clients to create solutions that will achieve faster time to market

Prototype: The prototyping phase is about increasing test accuracy. We will create a golden sample product which can manufactured consistently according to our benchmark.

Optimize: From the pilot run to mass production, we will continue to work with our clients to bring down failure rates and drive costs down through better component selection.

The Manufacturing Service

Factory Selection: We have the experience to find the right factory for your manufacturing. Your product will be made to budget and with the shortest lead time.

Negotiation: We proactively work with our long-term manufacturing partners to bring your costs down. You will get the most updated quotes from us so you can efficiently ramp up your sales volume.

Customization: We will closely monitor each production run in accordance with changes in client needs and component changes. Customization frequently involves manufacturer retraining and auditing, of which we will carefully manage for our customers.

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