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When Mass Electronics Manufacturing in China, DFM should not be not an afterthought.

At Titoma Design For China Manufacturing (DFM China) is an integrated vision for product development and electronics manufacturing excellence. For us, Design For China Manufacturing drives our design process right from the start, beginning with the electronic product architecture. We involve a qualified roster of Chinese factories very early on to make sure our design fits well with their equipment and capabilities. We use their input on final assembly and injection molds and all the custom electronic parts such as PCB’s, batteries, LCD’s and cable trees. This helps to minimize hick-ups in the New Product Introduction (NPI) process. As a result we excel in speed and reliability. We like to say we take a product from 1 unit that works to 10,000 which don’t fail.


Assembly workers are retrained for every production run

Quite a few of our customers need only a couple of batches manufactured per year, and since high turnover is a given in China we retrain the assembly workers for each production run. On top of this we carefully integrate sustaining engineering activities, updating the electronic design when new key components become available, adding extra features or ensuring the customization of a batch with special requirements. We make sure our clients stay well informed throughout the design and manufacturing process, and also arrange logistics, shipping our production batches directly from the warehouse in Hong Kong to end-customers around the world. During mass production our team of manufacturing engineers stays on top of the production to ensure quality standards are met and improved upon.


Why we sometimes manufacture in Taiwan

Most of our electronics manufacturing takes place in China, but we also manufacture in Taiwan when the orders are smaller or the product needs even stronger IP protection than what we already assure in China


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